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Indiana launches new PPE marketplace

The Governor of Indiana, Eric Holcomb, recently announced a new marketplace for personal protective equipment (PPE), including masks, face shields, and hand sanitizer, especially for small businesses that will be returning to work in the upcoming weeks. 

Not only will the PPE be free — at least initially – but as an extra bonus for the state, all products will be manufactured and sourced by Hoosier companies too.  In order to be eligible to utilize the new PPE marketplace you must be an organization registered to do business in the State of Indiana, required to use PPE in compliance with safe workplace requirements, and have 150 employees or less.

Providing enough PPE for the Hoosier state will be no small task, though, considering the Small Business Administration estimates Indiana has over 100,000 small businesses and almost a million employees across the state to potentially equip.  Indiana is up for the challenge, it says, even if it is not perfect.  Although the State of Indiana has reportedly secured millions of pieces of PPE, the increasing demand across the world will no doubt cause instabilities in the PPE supply chain.

The state will make every effort to provide needed supplies, although partial or delayed orders may arise, they warned. So, businesses and nonprofits are encouraged to obtain PPE on their own before using the PPE marketplace and use this service as an “alternate backstop” for employers to secure needed protection for its employees.

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