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Linton-Stockton Schools will offer free WiFi for students

The technology staff at Linton-Stockton Schools just recently completed installation of equipment at the new athletic building that will allow students to access free WiFi from the safety of a vehicle.

WiFi can be accessed from the East side of the building or from the softball parking lot on the North side of the building. No password or access code is required for student Chromebooks.

LSSC reminds parents and students to practice social distancing if using the WiFi and do not stray if you happen to exit your vehicle.

The new athletic building is located at the Northeast corner of Roy Williams Field (football field) on the North side of the LSSC campus. Completed in 2019, the new athletic building houses locker rooms, restrooms, and a concession stand.

From Linton-Stockton School Corporation:

“Thank you to our technology staff for installing WIFI on the new Athletic Building. The WIFI can be accessed from the softball parking lot and in front of the new buidling. There is no access code or password for student Chromebooks. It works best on the hood of your vehicle.

Social distancing is required, even in the parking lot. If others are in the parking lot please leave a space between vehicles. If you exit your vehicle do not stray.

Info for Technology Issues

If your child’s school issued electronic device is not working, then we have set up a loaner program.  Chromebooks may be exchanged between the hours of 11:00am and 1:00pm Monday through Thursday. The exchange will take place at the front entry of the high school.  Our Technology Director will have a table where students will place their device and he will then provide a new one. Please remember to bring the charger with the device. “

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