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It’s No April Fool’s, It’s Census Day

Anticipated Changes in U.S. Demographics

While many will be playing April Fool’s jokes and pranks today, April 1st is Census Day, a key reference day in marking the moment in time where every resident is counted by the U.S. Census Bureau and determining exactly where they reside within the United States.  

In the Constitution of the United States, Article I, Section 2 mandates the census to count every resident within the country every ten years for a number of reasons.  Beyond mere facts and figures, our founding fathers saw the need for the results to help determine the distribution of Congressional seats to states, plan roads and schools, allocate funding for public health and transportation, and much, much more.

In mid-March, households began receiving information on the Census.  For the first time, responses will be collected online, as well as by phone and mail.  And with the recent outbreak of Covid-19, you can do your part by replying promptly, so Census workers are not exposed to door-to-door receipt of the demographic information needed.

For more information, please view the video from the U.S. Census Bureau below:

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