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Governor Holcomb announces social distancing campaign: #INthistogether

In a press conference today, in addition to several updates regarding COVID-19, Governor Eric Holcomb announced a new social distancing campaign to help flatten the curve for COVID-19 in the Hoosier state.

The program includes a toolkit, available at,  that provides resources for Hoosiers to share the campaign on various social media platforms.

Below is sample text and a link to the campaign toolkit.

We’re #INthistogether

Social distancing is the most important, effective tool we have to defeat COVID-19—and a growing coalition of Indiana-based partners is committed to equipping everyone in our state with the knowledge and the resources to stay connected and motivated. Here’s how you can join the fight, play your part and keep us working together.

Sample text to share on social media:

We are #INthistogether! We may be social distancing, but we can stay connected and well. Take a walk outside. Call your family. Let me know how you’re in #INthistogether and invite others to join the campaign to flatten the COVID-19 curve.

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