October 2017 Health Department Inspection Result

Inspections sent October 2, 2017

Establishment Critical Non Critical Comments
Dollar General Solsberry 0 0 Opening Inspection
Autumn Trace 0 0 No Violations
The Grill 0 3 Reach in cooler shelves are in poor repair, Wiping clothes not stored in sanitizing solution, Facility needs routine cleaning
Pizza Hut (Linton) 0 0 No Violations
Vest Quick Mart 3 1 Employees eating at prep table, Cold foods in deli cooler are not holding temperature of 41 or below, Tuna 46, Cheese 45, Ham 45, Cold Cut 45, Discarded items, Rear door is standing open
Worthington Country Mart 0 0 No Violations
VFW Worthington 0 0 No Violations
American Legion (Worthington) 0 0 No Violations
Linton Elks 0 0 No Violations
VFW Linton 0 0 No Violations
Linton Moose 0 0 No Violations
China Sea 4 1 Scoops are not approved and being used improperly in product (R), Used rice bags are being reused to store food product (R), Hand Wash sink near prep area is being used for other than hand washing (R), Live and dead roaches were found in facility, Cloth rags are being improperly used in the reach in cooler
La Fiesta 0 0 No Violations
Hucks 5 3 No Certified Food Manager, Sandwich cooler not holding temperature (Meat Loaf 55, Potato Salad 57, Pudding 54), Contents of Sandwich cooler discarded, Placement of chicken prep sink, Hand wash sink not present in chicken prep area, Plans not submitted for approval before construction, Thermometers not present in all cooling devices, Front door has visible gap
Hendricksville Diner 0 0 No Violations
Thunderbird Café 0 0 No Violations
Jasonville Subway 0 1 Hand towels not present at hand wash sink
Monicals Pizza 0 0 No Violations
#1 Asian Buffett 0 0 No Violations
Huckleberry Winery 0 0 Opening Inspection
American Legion (Jasonville) 0 0 No Violations
American Legion (Bloomfield) 0 0 No Violations
Pizza Hut (Bloomfield) 0 0 No Violations
China House 2 9 Raw foods are being stored above ready to eat foods in walk in cooler, Kids playpen and toys are in kitchen area, Persons unnecessary to the retail food establishment operation are not allowed in the food preparation area, Open toed shoes are being worn while working in food prep area, Food items are not properly dated and labeled, Food is not properly covered while being stored in freezer, Wiping cloths are not being stored in sanitizing solution between use, Ice bin has moldy substance inside, The removal of dead insects and mouse droppings is not being conducted, Mops are not properly hung to dry, Facility needs to routinely clean
Route 67 1 2 Wiping sanitizer solution did not register any sanitizer level, Chemical test strips not present, Restroom does not have lid for trash receptacle
Freedom Country Store 0 0 No Violations
Subway (Bloomfield) 0 1 Ice machine has moldy substance inside
Dollar General (Jasonville) 0 0 No Violations
Bundt in the Oven 0 0 Opening Inspection