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November 2012 Health Department Inspection Results

We’ve got a new batch of health inspections in for November. Please enjoy:

Establishment Critical Non Critical Comments
Eastern Schools 0 0 N/A
Crossroads Cafe 0 4 Can opener has food debris on side, Ice machine has build up of a moldy substance inside bin, Vent hood needs routine cleaning
Pinewood Plaza 2 9 Air gap needed on 3 bay sink and ice machine, Certified food handler certificate, Microwave has food debris inside, Moldy substance present in ice machine bin, Outside refuse area is over flowing and unnecessary items are present along building, Remodeling plans were not submitted to health department, Soap was not present at hand wash sink, Lights in pizza area are not properly shielded
Subway (Jasonville) 0 1 Rear door has visible gap along bottom
Stanifer’s Twist n Shake 0 3 Seal on reach in freezer is in poor repair, Walk in cooler floor is in poor repair, Hot water heater is leaking
The Red Willow Inn 0 0 Opening inspection
Walmart 0 2 Walk in cooler (meat dept.) has paint chipping from ceiling, Pink moldy substance is present along wall in walk in cooler (meat dept.), Shelving units in reach in milk cooler are soiled
Hunters Drive-In 0 0 N/A
Shakamak Schools 0 0 N/A
Jiffy Treet 2 5 Ice scoop handle is in direct contract with ice, Rear hand washing sink is obstructed, Drink nozzles are soiled, Lights above ice machine are not properly shielded, Area around fryers and mop sink(floors) are heavily soiled, Mop is not properly hung
Wendy’s 0 6 Ventilation hood near drive thru has paint chipping and rust developing, Walk in cooler door does not properly shut, Front line ventilation hood needs routine cleaning, Coving throughout facility is in poor repair, Exposed studs near hot water heater, Floors throughout facility are soiled
Solsberry Yoho Store 0 0 Opening inspection

For questions or concerns, please contact the Greene County Health Department.

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