Button Batteries: Small in Size, Big in Danger

Attention all parents!  We all know that as soon as a small child grabs something — anything — it goes to one place: his or her mouth.  And the web has recently been abuzz about the dangers of these small electrical miracles, commonly known as “button batteries,” when digested by children.

These little power houses are everywhere today — from remote controls to hand-held video games and small flashlights to music-playing greeting cards.  Unfortunately, their common place in our electrified world also makes them readily-available to our little ones too.

Contrary to perhaps your first thought, these batteries will do more than cause a poison control call; they will burn internal tissues too.  For demonstration purposes, news outlets have placed one of these batteries within a halved hot dog.  It begins to sizzle immediately.  Left in contact with the hot dog (think: internal tissues) longer, it begins to burn through it, blackening the area all around it.

So, please keep your battery supplies away from the reach of small children, as well as the many devices that may contain them.  And, if swallowed, take your child to a nearby emergency room immediately.  The battery will need to be removed in less than two hours from ingestion, according to some medical experts.  Be safe!

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