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Linton City Council Meeting – November 2010

[Editor’s Note: Please enjoy watching our video of the City Council meeting (because we know you sure can’t hear it).  It was our first, and as you can tell, we ran into some audio troubles.  Now we know, and will be better prepared for the next time.  We’d love to hear any feedback you want to share!]

Despite getting a late start, due to executive session, the city council meeting was rather short and sweet.

The SIBC presented three Home Grant Bids. The three bids range from $25,150 to $31,441. The decision will be made at a later meeting.

There is an ordinance proposal regarding the old Sunbeam chair factory. The county commissioners are willing to release the factory to the city of Linton in order for a proposed buyer to purchase the property. The potential buyer is in the process of obtaining financing. The GCEDC plans to hold a public hearing about the business.

There was an ovation for Brent Slover, the Utilities Manager who is leaving for another position elsewhere.

Police Chief Troy Jerrells gave warning that the Linton Police Department would be stepping up patrols and be on the lookout for seatbelt violations and DUI’s.

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