Greene County Election Results

Check in later today to get real-time election results as they are reported to the State. Special thanks to Derrick Tennant for building our election results app.

11/3/1010 – AM EDIT: It seems that the state’s website did not update any of the statistics for Greene County last night. Here are the results from the Greene County Election Summary website.

Current State Election Results

(Last Updated: 11/03/2010 8:27:10 am)

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of these reports. Pleave visit the Indiana State Election Division for official information.

Office District Candidate Votes
United States Senator Statewide Brad Ellsworth (D) 4079
Rebecca Sink-Burris (L) 504
Dan Coats (R) 5281
Jack Rooney (W/I) (I) Unknown
Jim Miller (W/I) Unknown
Secretary of State Statewide Vop Osili (D) 3135
Mike Wherry (L) 551
White, Charlie (R) 5857
Auditor of State Statewide Sam Locke (D) 3170
Eric Knipe (L) 402
Tim Berry (R) 5652
Treasurer of State Statewide Pete Buttigieg (D) 3086
Richard E. Mourdock (R) 6175
United States Representative District 8 William Trent VanHaaften (D) 3354
John Cunningham (L) 510
Larry D. Bucshon (R) 5841
State Senator District 39 Steven M. Thais (D) 2184
John M. Waterman (R) 4738
District 48 Lindel O. Hume (D) 1825
State Representative District 45 Jesse James (D) 1238
Bruce Alan Borders (R) 2674
District 60 Peggy Welch (D) 287
David W. Murdoch (Doc) (L) 27
Steven R. Hogan (R) 268
District 62 Sandra Blanton (D) 2030
Matthew A. Ubelhor (R) 3193
Prosecuting Attorney Greene (63rd Circuit) Jarrod D. Holtsclaw (R) 7658
Office District Question Yes No
Indiana Court of Appeals First District Shall Judge Lloyd Mark Bailey be retained in office? 4499 2884
Fourth District Shall Judge Melissa S. May be retained in office? 4514 2809
Fifth District Shall Judge Elaine B. Brown be retained in office? 4563 2781
Shall Judge Margaret G. Robb be retained in office? 4462 2848
Constitutional Amendment Question Statewide Shall property taxes be limited for all classes of property by amending the Constitution of the State of Indiana to do the following: (1) Limit a taxpayer’s annual property tax bill to the following percentages of gross assessed value: (A) 1% for an owner-occupied primary residence (homestead); (B) 2% for residential property, other than an owner-occupied primary residence, including apartments; (C) 2% for agricultural land; (D) 3% for other real property; and (E) 3% for personal property. The above percentages exclude any property taxes imposed after being approved by the voters in a referendum. (2) Specify that the General Assembly may grant a property tax exemption in the form of a deduction or credit and exempt a mobile home used as a primary residence to the same extent as real property? 5750 3009

Current Local (Stockton-Only) Election Results

(Last Updated: 11/03/2010 8:36:57 am)

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of these reports. Pleave visit the Greene County Election Summary for official information and full results.

Office District Candidate Votes
Clerk of the Circuit Court Susan Fowler (R) 5116
Jackie J. Winstead (D) 4346
Auditor County Matt Baker (R) 5792
Sue McDonald (D) 3888
Recorder County Stuart A. Dowden (R) 5495
Rita Sue Hennette (D) 4193
Sherriff County Terry D. Pierce (R) 8029
Coroner County Sherri S. Wilson (R) 4988
Brian F. Gainey (D) 4624
Assessor County Willard Neill (R) 5320
Nancy Snellenberger (D) 4172
Commissioner District 3 County Rick Graves (R) 6662
Bart Beard (D) 3008
Council County District 1 Ed Michael (R) 2165
County District 2 W. Edward Cullison (R) 1581
John Beach (D) 727
County District 3 Brent A. Murray (D) 1682
County District 4 John A. Wilkes (D) 1491
Township Trustee Stockton Doris Wall (D) 1940
Township Board Stockton Fred Markle (D) 1851
Robert L. Moss (D) 1497
Michael W. Smith (D) 1550

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