The Buckeye Invasion

I cannot really call myself a “fan€ of the Beatles.  It is not because I dislike their music, but more because I do not really know enough of it.  I was about to write that Eleanor Rigby is the only Beatles song I know in its entirety, but I had to Google it to make sure it was even a Beatles song.  Luckily, Google knew what I was looking for because the Beatles did in fact write the horribly misspelled song title that was searched.

Growing up, my parents usually had the radio innocently tuned to artists such as Rod Stewart, Credence Clearwater Revival, and The Statler Brothers.  Even when I started to rebel and find my own niche in music, the€ fab four€ never entered my listening repertoire.

When my wife and I went to watch Eight Days a Week last Saturday, I am sure that she was embarrassed on the inside because  I was the only person there was not able to sing along with the band.  It did not matter.

The show was amazing! The few bits and pieces of songs that I had picked up watching TV and Beatles Rock Band all came back to me.  I have been told that the cover band was not quite as good as the real Beatles, but I did not care—it was too much fun.

Every once in a while, between songs, one of the band members might give a historical trivia tidbit, recite a small quote, or make a recommendation on what other Beatles discography and filmography we might enjoy.  There were a few times where the band let a few of the young girls join them.  Do not worry and stop dialing Chris Hansen; these girls from the basketball team invited the band to come for the fundraiser.  Near the end, I believe the girls may have been stealing most of the show from the band.

Between the music, the set change for Sgt. Pepper, and the authentic instruments old enough to have grandchildren, Eight Days a Week gave a show that anyone could enjoy—even if you  don’t know the lyrics.

The worst part of the show, and I am sure that everyone can agree with me here, is that the band did not play Eleanor Rigby.  It was as if I studied for the wrong test.