UPDATED – Linton mom stabs son, arrested on two counts of domestic battery

UPDATE – According to court records, the charges in this case have been dropped. Earlier this week, a motion to dismiss was filed, and the case has now been closed.


On Thursday, May 26th, 2022, Officer Wayman JR Blazier arrested Jacqueline L Hale on two charges of domestic battery.

Initially, Blazier was stopped outside the Police Department by two local residents who claimed to have knowledge of a stabbing. Upon further questioning, it was revealed that the male resident was talking about his mother, Jacqueline Hale.

According to Ms Hale’s son, Mr Nickle, he had asked whether she would like to buy his camera. The situation turned into an argument and escalated, resulting in Hale’s son trying to leave the property and his 6-year old niece being called into the room by Ms Hale.

After this, it is claimed that Hale attempted to give her son a knife and tell him to stab her with the weapon. He refused and insisted his niece should leave the room, upon which point Hale reportedly stabbed him in the arm. Mr Nickle stated at this point he pushed her away from him on to the couch and made his way to the local police department, where Officer Blazier encouraged him to make a police report about the event.

According to Mr Nickle’s brother who visited the Hale house to check on Hale and the 6-year old in her care that evening, Jacqueline Hale was uninjured.

Greene County Rescue cleaned and bandaged Mr Nickle’s arm wound at the Police Department, and he played the police officer a cellphone video of what had transpired at Hale’s home. Mr Nickle’s companion, Ms Chambers, who was in the car when they stopped Officer Brazier, claimed not to have witnessed the crime as she did not leave the vehicle at any point.

Later the same evening, Jacqueline Hale was questioned by the police and claimed her son had threatened her in the past. Hale’s husband handed the sharp fileting knife reportedly used in the stabbing over to police as evidence. Hale was then taken to Linton Police Department and interviewed, where she claimed her son had indeed tried to sell her a camera, but she neither wanted it nor could afford it.

Apparently, an argument had ensued earlier regarding some kind of discount at Mr Nickle’s stepfather’s workplace. Hale claimed her son had shot at her twice on another occasion and said he had wished her dead more than once. Hale also claimed she accidentally cut her son’s arm while trying to make him take the knife from her.

Mr Nickle’s 6-year old niece was brought to the Police Department and reported the same sequence of events regarding the disagreement and following scuffle. At this point, Ms Hale was advised that she would be arrested for two counts of domestic battery, and she was transported to the Greene County Jail.

Arrested and Charges:  Jacqueline L Hale, age 59, of Linton

  • Domestic Battery, Level 5 Felony 
  • Domestic Battery, Level 6 Felony
Arrested: Jacqueline L Hale, age 59, of Linton

Readers are cautioned that allegations are simply that until proven otherwise in a court of law; therefore, the person(s) shown as arrested for the charges listed above should be considered innocent until proven guilty.

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