Sullivan Co Coroner reportedly being investigated by ISP presumably for being a sexual predator

UPDATE: The Lintonian has received word from the maker of the video further below that he will discussing the events with the Indiana State Police sometime tomorrow. Stay tuned…

According to multiple sources, the Sullivan County Coroner, Tracy Tackett, is reportedly being investigated by the Indiana State Police. While the ISP is being mum on exactly what the investigation is about, allegations online are that he drove hours into Kentucky to have sex with a 14-year old girl — or so he thought — which turned out to be actually a sexual predator decoy online.

Online, Tackett introduced himself as Tom Dodge and asked repeatedly for photos from who he thought was a 14-year old girl in Kentucky, while sending half-naked photos of himself to the underage decoy. “Take a picture of your sweet butt,” he allegedly messaged the underaged girl at one point in the online conversation.

See the full-length YouTube video showing the exchange embedded below:

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