Vaughn writes a second book on the history of his family

A new book entitled “A HISTORY AND GENEALOGY OF EDWARD VAUGHN FROM MIDLAND, INDIANA AND HIS ANCESTORS 1700 – 1946” details the history and genealogy of the Edward and Anna Cadwell Vaughn family of Greene County. It covers the origins of the Vaughan/Vaughn surname, and it explores the family’s origins in the Wales and the western Midlands region of the British Isles.

The book cover of the new book by Dennis Vaughn

The Vaughns would eventually migrate to Indiana, settling first in Owen and then Greene Counties by 1900. The book discloses how the origins of Edward’s branch of the Vaughn family tree were established. Overall, the book follows seven generations of Vaughns beginning in the early 1700s in the James River area of the Virginia Colony and sums up with Edward Vaughn, who lived in the Lyons and Midland area of Greene County in the 1940s.

Edward Vaughn and his wife Anna Mary Cadwell lived locally from the early-1900s to the late 1940s. Edward was a longtime Monon Railroad employee, who worked in the railyards and as conductor in the area. The Alsops and Cadwell families of Lyons are also mentioned. “There are many Vaughn, Alsop and Cadwell cousins still in the Lyons and Linton areas,” the author wrote to us at The Lintonian.

The book was written and self-published by one of Edward’s grandsons, Dennis R. Vaughn, who resides in Oklahoma City now. When asked, the author said his journey began with a DNA sample and a family tree website that helped the author make new family connections. Vaughn said. “The family never knew who the parents were for our 2nd Great-Grandfather. I set out to solve that mystery,” he said.

Asked what he would recommend to other aspiring writers, Vaughn said, “I do not consider myself a writer. I am very good researcher and amateur historian,” and went on to say “…the Amazon DIY publishing website makes publishing for first time writers easier than I anticipated. “

The book includes 140 pages, 10 chapters, and 5 appendices. There are 88 photographs, documents, illustrations and maps; some are in color. The book is currently available on Amazon for purchase.

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