Transgender Day of Visibility acknowledged by U.S. Secretary of State

From the Office of Antony J. Blinken, U.S. Secretary of State:

Earlier today, Anthony J. Blinken, the U.S. Secretary of State, acknowledged, “On the occasion of Transgender Day of Visibility, the United States proudly recognizes transgender and gender non-conforming persons and their continued struggle for a life of equality, security, and dignity.”

“Across the globe, members of the transgender and gender non-conforming community are making significant strides towards advancing equality for all people,” Blinken went on to say. “They are becoming more visible and bravely sharing their stories, providing hope and inspiration to countless people who live in fear for simply being who they are.”  

The Secretary said that despite these achievements, transgender and gender non-conforming individuals continue to face unprecedented levels of violence, abuse, and discrimination. They are far too often denied their human rights simply because of their gender identity or expression.     

“The United States supports the empowerment of the transgender and gender non-conforming community. We will continue to work with civil society, like-minded governments, and other human rights defenders to combat the criminalization of LGBTQI+ status, protect vulnerable LGBTQI+ refugees and asylum seekers, advance non-discrimination, and provide meaningful responses to human rights abuses of LGBTQI+ persons. The LGBTQI+ community has an ally in the United States,” Blinken assured.

In summary, the Secretary of State said “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is clear:  All human beings deserve the full protection of their human rights. In celebrating the contributions of transgender and gender non-conforming persons worldwide, the United States affirms that everyone deserves to live in dignity.  Everyone deserves to be visible.”

Featured photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels

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