DNR is surveying anglers at Cagles Mill Lake

From the Indiana Department of Natural Resources:

The DNR is conducting an angler creel survey at Cagles Mill Lake also known as Cataract Lake through October 31st, 2021.

The last creel survey at the lake was done more than 15 years ago. The DNR needs more current information to help manage the lake’s fishery. Information gathered will measure fish catch and harvest, evaluate stocking programs, and survey angler preferences and opinions on fisheries management at the lake.

Boat and shoreline anglers will be included in the survey. A DNR employee will be stationed at access points around the lake on a rotational basis to conduct brief interviews as anglers end their fishing trips. 

Angler participation is vital to ensuring the success of this study. DNR encourages anglers to help this effort by participating whenever the opportunity arises.

Cagles Mill Lake is a 1,400-acre federal flood-control reservoir located in Owen and Putnam counties. The lake, at which recreation is managed by the DNR, is bordered by several DNR properties, including Lieber State Recreation Area, Owen-Putnam State Forest, and Cataract Falls State Recreation Area.

Learn more about Cagles Mill Lake at on.IN.gov/caglesmill.

Featured photo by Heiner from Pexels

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