WestGate Authority Board welcomes Bartlow and three other new members

From the WestGate Authority Board:

Recently, the WestGate Authority Board has four new members appointed by each of their respected County Redevelopment Commission. The board welcomed Kent Parisien, Retired Army Colonel Dana Strange, Joe Morris and Mark Bartlow to the team earlier this month.

Representatives from Greene, Daviess and Martin County occupy the board of nine members to develop and maintain the WestGate@Crane Technology Park as the premiere economic development asset of the region.

The WestGate Academy is just one of 25 buildings within the tech park and may possibly be the “crown jewel”, but it is the center of support for the 64 tenants at WestGate plus the numerous events held at the Academy. Originally designed to support Indiana’s critical defense network, WestGate Academy has developed into one of the best locations in the region for events, as well as regional impact of the business incubator and co-working space.

Board President John Mensch commented, “Our mission for the WestGate Authority Board is to improve the quality and experience for all employees and visitors within the WestGate@Crane technology park and to support NSA/NSWC/CAAA Crane to the fullest extent possible. With its 875 employees and $67M annual payroll, WestGate has become a regional economic development engine and the annual payroll numbers continue to grow. Our goal is to become indispensable to all our partners and neighbors within the WestGate region, continue to drive Hoosier economic development and to become one of the most important research destinations for America’s robust defense industry.”

Purdue@WestGate is a regional partner supporting and connecting startups, industry, universities, and the DoD, including hosting several monthly webinars that dive into topics within the defense industry, entrepreneurship, innovation, and personal development.

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