Failure to dim truck’s headlights leads to drug arrest for driver

At the intersection of State Road 54 West and Price Road, Officer Adam King with the Linton Police Department pulled over a brown Toyota Tacoma bearing Indiana license plates at about 1AM in the morning on March 1st, 2021, because the truck failed to dim its headlights.  Upon interacting with the driver, Officer King discovered Bradley J. Bohnert was the driver. 

Noticing Bohnert was “moving a lot in the vehicle,” as King later wrote in the probable cause affidavit for this case, he became suspicious and called for a canine unit for backup, as he learned Bohnert’s driving history showed he was driving while suspended and waited for dispatch to confirm if a LaPorte County warrant for battery was still active. 

King removed and detained Bohnert while his backup, which turned out to be Officer Joseph Riley and his canine, Kona, arrived.  Dispatch advised that the warrant was still active, however, LaPorte County would not extradite due to the physical distance between the two counties.

Meanwhile, Kona detected something during a free air sniff around Bohnert’s vehicle.  In the center console, a small, clear ziplock baggie containing a white, powdery substance that field-tested positive for cocaine was found.  Another baggie containing a crystal-like substance field-tested positive for methamphetamine, while another baggie contained five like pills that were identified at Alprazolam, a Schedule IV drug.  Six syringes were also found in the vehicle. 

The powdery and crystal-like substances, which were thought to be cocaine and methamphetamine, respectively, have been sent to the Indiana State Police lab for additional testing. 

Bohnert was arrested and transported to the Greene County Jail.

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  1. Drug addiction is a terrible, terrible thing. It haunted me for many years and destroyed my family before my intervention that ultimately lead to a clean and sober life for the 14 years and going. I hope that he seeks and finds the help that he needs to overcome it before it’s too late.

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