Linton Girls’ Basketball wins big in Semi-State against University!

The Linton girls easily won 70 to 32 over University. So, they will move on to play at Bankers Life next weekend.

Some photo highlights from this evening’s game against University, include: (1.) Carsyn Chambers, Vanessa Shafford, and Gentry Warrick celebrate after the win, (2.) Vanessa Shafford saves the ball from out-of-bounds, while passing all the way down to the other side of the court, (3.) Aubrey Burgess gets fouled hard while going up for a score, (4.) Gentry Warrick passes the defense for a bucket, (5.) Linton’s cheer squad awaits a free-throw, and (6.) Coach Jared Rehmel taking a look at the score board.

Featured photo is the Linton team and cheerleaders after the big win.

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