Kris Rotonda of Jordan’s Way helps Greene County Humane Society fundraise

From the Greene County Humane Society:

The Greene County Humane Society in Linton, Indiana has partnered with Jordan’s Way Charities to host an all-out fundraising experience. Dedicated to caring for homeless and unwanted animals within Greene County, Indiana, the Greene County Humane Society is raising money to keep pushing their mission even further.

So far in January, they have adopted out almost 30 animals and had zero euthanasia’s. This takes a lot of hard work — and money — so the GCHS is looking to their community to help with their 2021 goal of an adoption-a-day for 365 adoptions in 2021. The will also use funds to help continue to expand their ‘spay & neuter’ programs, as well as establish a pet food bank.

Fundraising has already begun and runs through the end of January, but you cannot miss the main event on Friday, January 29th. Between 10AM and 2PM, there will be a Facebook live extravaganza complete with contests, including raising money to see some people take a pie to the face or a get a bucket of ice water dumped on their head! The 4-hour event is expected to be the highlight of the year and should not be missed! You will be able to donate right from the live feed or on their Facebook page at

The event will be hosted by Kris Rotonda of Jordan’s Way. Kris has been featured on the Hallmark Channel and The Dodo. He is an extremely energetic guy with a strong passion for animals. Jordan’s Way’s long term goal is to “Clear the Shelters” and they are helping to do that by raising money for shelters by traveling to all 50 states in 2021 to do similar events!

The Greene County Humane Society is a non-profit animal shelter in Linton, Indiana, and it services all of Greene County, Indiana with intake and adoption services. They also assist the community with spay and neuter vouchers, as well as having a Trap-Neuter-Return program in place. The GCHS is privately-funded and relies on the generosity of others to complete their mission. You can find out more about the Greene County Humane Society on their website at

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