HIRE Program helps find meaningful employment after incarceration

From the Indiana Department of Corrections:

The only thing better than being released from prison is knowing you have employment when you walk of the prison grounds.  That’s what will happen for Stephen McFarland, who will return to the community on December 25, making this Christmas Day a day to remember.

L to R: Program Director Donna Carneygee and returning citizen Stephen McFarland, photo courtesy IDOC

Thanks to dedicated staff at the Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC), who work in the HIRE program, which stands for Hoosier Initiative for Re-Entry, Stephen has an employment offer from Elwood Staffing.  

Persons incarcerated at IDOC correctional facilities volunteer to participate in the HIRE program knowing effort will be required on their part for successful reintegration back into society. Assisting each HIRE participant on their road to release are people like IDOC Program Director Donna Carneygee, who helped Stephen prepare a resume and coordinated two phone interviews with Elwood Staffing.  

“This was an awesome experience to be a part of and it was very satisfying to see Mr. McFarland’s excitement grow as he progressed through the HIRE program.” said Donna Carneygee. “We have seen success story after success story from HIRE program participants and know this coordinated effort truly helps people find meaningful employment.”

HIRE staff also help match a participant’s skill sets with those of potential employers. This is accomplished by meetings with employers to stay current on available opportunities and connecting the employer with a job candidate anxious to start a new chapter in their life.

Learn more about the IDOC HIRE program at this link.

Featured photo by Lynnelle Richardson from Pexels

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