Your horoscope – Scorpio (Oct 23rd – Nov 21st)

SIGN: Scorpio

BORN: October 23rd – November 21st

Mars is your planetary ruler, meaning people may perceive you as motivated by aggression, but in reality, it simply means you are active, energetic and headstrong. You have an intense passion for authenticity and truth. Others may perceive you as messy or brash, but in reality, you simply have so little in pretense that you cannot hide who you are. Your tight grip on reality and your ability to cope with the chaos of daily life make you pragmatic, helpful and self-aware. You are not afraid to burn bridges and remake things when they aren’t going your way. Some might call you reckless, but you see yourself as multifaceted.

The symbol of the scorpion, known as the ‘creature with the burning sting’, is representative of the intense and vivid nature of those with Scorpio suns. Scorpio season occurs in time with many cultural practices celebrating death and rebirth, such as Halloween. This reflects Scorpio’s ability for inward reflection and transformative activities. While this is potentially another reason why Scorpios hold a reputation for being scary or strange, it is actually a blessing in disguise, providing them with deeply intuitive wisdom and an ability to see truth and beauty in many things, even that which others might find macabre or unsettling. Your bravery of perception is a gift that you can use to help other people.

One of the greatest benefits of being a Scorpio is your capacity for taking the rough with the smooth. Other signs could learn from you that acceptance and continual forward motion allow you to continue with your life in spite of hardship. Your ability to find silver linings in every cloud, or at least derive a lesson from everything that goes wrong, makes you a valuable friend, as well as somebody non-judgmental, open to new ideas and capable of understanding behaviors that others might find strange. You have a vital understanding that life takes all sorts, and that it would not nearly be as good if everybody followed the same path.

As a fixed sign, you are grounded and tenacious. You make a good leader, for you have the capacity to uphold your ideas against the judgement of others and retain determination throughout a project. Despite your fixed nature, Scorpio is a water sign, meaning at your best you are adaptable, constant and reliable. When your positive attributes come together in harmony you are an unstoppable force in motion towards good. Be warned, however, your tendencies as a fixed sign may lead you to obsessive behavior if you do not exercise restraint in your interests and projects, and as a water sign you may well struggle to find a place in which to ‘stick’. In accord with one another, being a fixed water sign makes you as versatile as it does coherent in your sense of identity. Your task is to ensure these aspects of yourself are cohesive. Perhaps try exercising the combination of the two through creative means, or by expressing your imagination in a task. 

Photo by Sippakorn Yamkasikorn from Pexels

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