COVID-19 county code changes for Greene County this week

In a message to parents earlier this afternoon, Dr. Kathy Goad, the Superintendent for the Linton-Stockton system said, “Due to an increase in COVID-19 positive cases in Greene County we are under a YELLOW CODE for the next week.  This does not change our school day schedule.  All athletic events this week are away and we will follow the host guidelines for those events. “

Under yellow, she noted, area schools operate all grades in-person. Athletic activities are to follow local and state guidelines, including: social distancing, use of facial coverings/masks, and limited spectators. Practices are as normal for the middle and high schools.

Indeed, the Indiana State Health Department updated their color coding of the state by county, as follows:

Current map provided by Indiana Department of Health

Each Wednesday, the county color-code map is updated, reflecting data through the previous Sunday. Each county is assigned a color – blue, yellow, orange, or red – to indicate the severity of that area’s COVID-19 spread. The color code is assigned based on a formula using a few criteria, such as (1.) the number of new cases per 100,000 residents, (2.) the positivity rate, and (3.) the recent change in that rate.

Featured photo by Daria Rem from Pexels

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