Weekly job listings from WorkOne

Each week, we have been featuring a list of current job opportunities from WorkOne for the South Central Region. The PDF listing embedded further below shows new job listings that were recently entered into Indiana Career Connect, which is WorkOne’s system that individuals can access to check out all job listings.

As a listing for the South Central Region, this week’s list contains several opportunities from the Bloomington area, but also includes others from Washington and Spencer, as well as other places in between.

To further assist you in your job search, you may contact any WorkOne office to schedule an appointment with a professional Career Advisor, and they can help you not only with your job search, but also can provide resume assistance or for more information on how to apply to these job listings.

During this record-breaking time of unemployment in our nation, The Lintonian and WorkOne hope these opportunities help in your job search! And if you are not currently looking for new or different employment, please be sure to share with a friend or family member that is.

Featured photo by Malte Luk from Pexels