Greene County’s new color code is…

This afternoon, the Principal of the Linton-Stockton Middle School, Lisa Hollingsworth, updated parents on the county’s new color code for the week. It remained the same — blue.

In her message, Hollingsworth said:

The Indiana State Health Department just released the latest county color codes and Greene County is BLUE.  The next ISHD update will be Wednesday, September 23rd.  

Indeed, the Indiana State Department of Health released the following updated county color coding map:

As you may recall from previous articles, the color “blue” means that (1.) the school will operate all grades in-person, (2.) athletic activities will follow local and state guidelines, including social distancing, masks, and limited spectators, and (3.) practices will be “as normal” for middle school and high school.

Featured photo by Lorena Martínez from Pexels

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