CORRECTED: Sixty-seven real estate parcels within city and township offered in 2020 tax sale

Correction: date of sale has been corrected below.

As of September 3rd, the 2020 tax sale list had dwindled from 84 to 67 real estate parcels to be offered within the City of Linton and Stockton Township. The tax lien sale will begin at 10am on Thursday, September 10th, 2020, and it will be held in the Commissioner’s Room on the third floor of the Greene County Courthouse.

Property owners generally have up to a year to redeem the parcels (with interest and fees) before the lien purchaser can petition for a tax deed. It is recommended that persons with questions seek not only a legal professional for questions, but also look for legal professionals specifically with tax lien experience.

The list, as of September 3rd, is shown below:

Greene County Courthouse, 2020 File Photo

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