Federal lawsuit filed against City of Linton

Last week, a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Indiana was filed by Jarod Lee with the aid of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Indiana against the City of Linton. The nature of the suit involves the Americans with Disabilities Act, stemming from the City’s erection of a gate at the entrance of the municipal-owned Conservation Club property.

In a phone interview over the weekend, Lee states that his reasoning for the suit came after observing other people apparently having access to the gate while his requests for a key were denied. He said he is in no way seeking money, but simply fairness. Lee, who is confined to a wheelchair, requested a key from Linton Mayor John Wilkes, who denied his request, Lee said. Later, others were seen entering the property by Lee, who is a long-time neighbor to the City-owned property. That is when he contacted the Indiana ACLU, a group with a mission of defending rights to equality, liberty, and justice, according to their website.

By way of review, a petition was circulated earlier this year and received over 500 signatures, but City officials in response denied the gates were erected to selectively keep people out of the property. Rather, the closing was a result of abuse of the grounds, including illegal dumping and alleged drug activity, causing the City’s insurance company to advise them to simply close the property to the general public.

Read more about the background here.

As more information becomes available, this story and the court case will be updated.

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