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Your horoscope – Leo (July 23rd – August 22nd)


BORN: July 23rd – August 22nd

Ruled by the Sun, and true to the symbol of the lion, Leos are fiery, energetic, and bold. Your natural flair and exuberance make it easy for you to make friends, but truly opening up might be harder. Bearing your soul is complicated and runs the risk of being let down or betrayed. As we go through our lives, we must seek out meaningful connection and develop trust with other people’s intentions. You have a wide circle and lots of people who like you, but consider ”who would really help you out in a time of crisis?” You may prosper in the limelight, but it is important to seek those who fan your flames with good intention.

Just as you have many friends, you have a lot of interests. You don’t like labels or stereotypes, and you seek to transcend from the typical ideas people might assign you. Perhaps the reason you open up to such few people is for fear of being pigeon-holed, or allocated a particular role within their mind? You need to learn to align, or at least accept, the difference between your true self and the way you are perceived by others. When you let others decide who you get to be, you lose your strength as a talented individual. Make your own way and learn to celebrate who you are and the successes you have achieved which are specific to your talents.

As a fixed sign, you are dedicated and sustained. You seek to find things which drive you and stick to them. It is only when you are enjoying a task that you can engage with it fully. Your commitment to activity is inspiring to others, one of the many reasons you are a popular character. You may not realize that on top of this you have the ability to lead others in understanding your passion, enthralling them with new skill, allowing them to find enjoyment just as you have. Although you may struggle to see it, you must understand why you are naturally attuned to roles of leadership – you stand out without trying to, whether it be with natural charisma or unique skills which pique the curiosity of others. Learn to channel your individuality into positivity and good habits!

A word of advice to Leos – your greatest undoing might well be determined by your best quality. The act of balancing your fear of being perceived wrongly coupled with your natural enjoyment of action and showmanship may lead you to become fixed in a particular state of mind. You might find yourself stubborn, disjointed, unable to enjoy your passions as much because you feel stagnated with insecurity. While you are a generally confident person, the concept of staying the same scares you too. It helps to develop healthy channels of communication, to listen to alternative viewpoints, to appreciate a refreshing difference in perspective. Getting out of your head and socializing wholeheartedly will allow you to fixate less on insecurities driven by your ego.

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