Live life healthy, happy!

Our whole world has been jolted by the novel coronavirus globally that we now know originated across the globe in Wuhan, China. The virus causes inflammation of the lungs, which has been fatal for so many people with other underlying conditions. Ironically, inflammation is actually a defense mechanism of your own body against the virus. With time, the virus is mutating – just like all viruses do — so, the symptoms will be getting more diverse from person-to-person.

Scientists and doctors are trying to find an absolute cure for the COVID-19, but as a new virus the research is in the primary stages, of course. But while no definite treatment and cure has been found yet, preventive measures can be used: the natural defense system of the human body.

Immunity boosters have been used for ages in the prevention of viral and bacterial diseases. The use of different home remedies, herbs, hot teas, and supplements are usually consumed to increase the capability of the body to fight against a prevailing infection. Exercise, yoga, and meditation have even been found proficient to improve your natural immune system.

It is not an overnight fix though.  Boosting your immune mechanism is a long-term process. All the rituals that are thought to have an impact on our natural defense system take time to show the results. Living a healthy lifestyle, taking enough vitamins, especially C, D, and E, and having a properly balanced diet can be useful not only in boosting your health against this disease, but your overall well-being.

Rome was not built in a day, as the saying goes.  So, you must acknowledge the fact that good things take time to happen, and if you are honest with your body and health you must start changing your lifestyle right now, if it is not a healthy one. Nutritional supplements used as immunity boosters always take time to be a part of your body. Home remedies, herbs, and teas are effective if taken for the long term. We can get benefit from meditation and exercise, but only if done regularly and properly. If you follow the complete immunity-boosting regimen, your body would be happy – and a happy body would fight for you if exposed to any virus, including coronavirus.

Unfortunately, such a regimen has no evidence to be used as a definite treatment for COVID-19, but it is being used as palliative and preventive measure worldwide.  Unfortunately, some infectious agents cannot be defeated by our natural immune system no matter how strong and healthy we are, but having a good lifestyle and nutrition cannot hurt us at all.  After all, having a healthy mind and body can make us able to recover from COVID-19 or any virus earlier than expected. The medications and treatment can work more efficiently and can cause fewer side effects when used by a healthy, happy person.

So, the final call is to stay at home, eat healthy, do exercise daily, keep yourself occupied, and be happy.  Yes, happy!  We ignore the fact that happiness and psychological health can bring wonders in our lives, and it can even push our brain to release those neurotransmitters, which can act as immunity boosters too. 

So, do not drown in the minutia of everything.  Live healthy, live happy!

Photo credit: Pixabay

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