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Brick By Brick – The Roosevelt Comes Down

Today, workers from Carr & Thomas Construction, Inc. and Kenworthy Home Improvement began selective demolition work on the former Roosevelt Hotel at the request of city officials. On the west side of the building, bricks were carefully removed by hand and with wood planks down on the adjoining building’s roof to prevent any damage to the neighbor.

As you may recall, this same team did most of the selective demolition work on the Cine Senior Apartments project in downtown Linton a few years back, as well as most recently removing multiple buildings from nearby Sullivan’s landscape, including one crumbling on itself very much like the Roosevelt within the past few weeks there.

“It’s good to see the City using local businesses,” one downtown business owner told us this afternoon. To that point, Kenworthy is certainly no stranger to the Linton scene as a second-generation construction businessman, and Linton-based Carr-Thomas brings years of demolition experience with it having been first established in the bicentennial year of 1976.

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