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Humphreys Park equipment and shelters are closed to the public

Linton Mayor John Wilkes has asked that the public refrain from using any playground equipment or shelter houses in Humphreys Park. The park is still open to activities such as walking, jogging, or bike riding, but please follow social distancing guidelines.

From The Desk of Linton Mayor John Wilkes:

Humphreys Park Playground Equipment and Shelters: Off Limits

Humphreys Park (Linton City Park) will strictly follow all guidelines to help stop the spread of the COVID 19 virus. Playground equipment, restrooms and shelter buildings are off limits per Governor Holcomb’s guidelines. I’m leaving the park open for walking. Those walking at the park need to apply social distancing while there.

In this time of uncertainty we need to use our Miner Pride and Lintonian compassion to look after one another. Please think of other’s, make sure our elderly have food and show kindness above all. The churches in our area are a great source of comfort and strength at this time and I thank these pastors and their volunteers for all they’re doing. We are a loving community and we’re all going to work together to get through this bump in our lives.

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