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Greene County General Hospital has completed 20 COVID-19 tests, no positives yet

Greene County General Hospital CEO, Brenda Reetz, provided a daily briefing via Facebook Live this afternoon.

False Report of COVID-19 for Greene County

Reetz addressed the recent falsely reported case of COVID-19 for Greene County, Indiana.

The patient in question resides in Greene County but is currently at an out-of-town hospital. That out-of-town hospital conducted the COVID-19 testing. Although the results were negative, they were erroneously reported to the Indiana State Department of Health as being positive.

After receiving the report of a positive COVID-19 case, ISDH notified the Greene County Health Department who began making proper notifications. During the epidemiological survey, it was found that the originally-reported case was indeed an error.

COVID-19 Testing in Greene County

Greene County General Hospital has conducted twenty COVID-19 tests as of today. Results have been received for seven of those tests and they were all negative. There have been no positive tests to date.

Mask Donations

The hospital has currently received 250 donated masks. There is an in-house process to launder those masks and they were deployed to the staff today. Additional masks are being shared with other local agencies that are low on PPE.

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