Former J-7’s Building Sold

After Coaches Group, LLC, the captive real estate entity of J Seven Bar & Grill’s, an entity known as 59 South Main Street, LLC became the owner of the property, which upon investigation has ties to Blackburne & Sons, a Sacramento, California-based hard-money lender with other business in Indiana. The 59 South Main Street entity was apparently used to hold the local real estate by Blackburne until it was liquidated.

On May 15th, Key Auctioneers of Indianapolis hosted an auction of the former J Seven’s in an absolute real estate auction in Linton with an online sale of the restaurant’s equipment. The winning bid was recorded in public records at $41,000, and the winning bidder, now owner, is The Vault Restuarant, LLC with Michael Willis listed as the registered agent for the entity. Willis listed an address of nearby Sullivan, Indiana, while David Charles Willis was listed as President of the company.

The building has served as a restaurant for several years, including being known most recently as J Seven Bar & Grill. Prior to J Seven’s, it had been known as The Old Bank & Company, a bank-themed restaurant hailing to its past as the former People’s Trust Co. Bank, which served the downtown Linton area for many years.
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