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If You Build It, They Will Come

It didn’t start as a “Field of Dreams,” but as a blighted, overgrown property up for tax sale. But Linton native Chris Wathen had a dream of his own: a garage. So, he built it.

The property before being cleaned up with the Railside project.

The “it” became known as “Railside,” which was aptly named because the property is situated adjacent to the railroad tracks south of town on 2nd Street Southwest. And Railside was more than just one garage, but rather the plural — garages. “If I needed a garage for projects now-and-then, probably so do others,” he reasoned.

The Railside bays offer radiant floor heat in colder months, several electrical recepticles, a garage door opener, and even a toilet and utility sink, making them perfect for housing racing sports, woodworking equipment, an auto restoration project, or even a small business.

One of the two-car bays, featuring a sink, toilet, and workbench among other amenities.

In fact, the garages have become more than just storage space, housing a technology start-up, an auto tinting business, and even a fish farm for a while. “When the garage door was open late at night, having a huge pool in the two-car bay drew a lot of attention from passersby,” Wathen recalls with a chuckle. That experiment is over, causing a vacancy for a while, but we’re back to full with a waiting list, he said.

If you’re in need of a garage or not, one thing is for certain and that’s the property looks far better than it did for years previous. Neighbors agree.

To follow the happenings around the garages, or for leasing information, Railside can be found on Facebook here.

Railside’s logo which was created by Logan Wade, a local graphic designer.

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