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August 2016 Health Department Inspection Result

Inspections sent August 30, 2016

Inspections sent August 30, 2016

Establishment Critical Non Critical Comments
Long John Silvers 0 2 Fryer has old food debris on and above storage area, Facility needs cleaned in hard to reach areas
Parkview Diner 0 1 Mop not properly hung
Newberry Café 1 5 Raw hamburger stored above ready to eat foods, No sanitizer test strips on site, Reach in cooler needs cleaned, Thermometer not present in cooling devices, Exhaust hood needs cleaned, No hand drying provisions are present at hand washing sink
Casa Sevilla 1 1 Raw foods stored above ready to eat foods in walk in cooler, Items stored in walk in cooler uncovered
American Legion (Linton) 0 0 No Violations
Phil Harris Golf Course 0 0 No Violations
VFW (Linton) 0 1 Sanitizer strips are not on site
Hoosier Daddy’s Pub 3 2 Product scoop handles are being stored in direct contact with food, Black trash bags are being used for food storage, Can opener blade is soiled with food debris, Pizza oven needs cleaned, Exhaust hood needs cleaned, Floors in kitchen area are not easily cleanable
Yo Delicious 0 0 No Violations
The Breakfast Place 1 1 Wiping cloths are not being stored between use in santizer solution, Facility needs cleaned in hard to reach areas
Goosepond Pizza 0 0 No Violations
Burger King 0 1 Ice machine has heavy lime buildup
Dollar General (Linton East) 0 0 No Violations
Dollar General (Linton West) 0 0 No Violations
CVS (Linton) 0 0 No Violations
Jim’s Petro Plus 0 0 No Violations
Smoker’s Host 0 0 No Violations
Southside Express 0 0 No Violations
Casey’s (Linton) 0 0 No Violations
Jiffy Treat 0 3 Floors need cleaned in hard to reach areas, exhaust hood needs cleaned, Ice cream reach in freezer is soiled with food debris

For questions or concerns, please contact the Greene County Health Department.

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