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February 2016 Health Department Inspection Result

Inspections sent February 29, 2016

Inspections sent February 29, 2016

Establishment Critical Non Critical Comments
Totally Whipped Cupcakery 0 0 Opening Inspection
Taco Bell 1 3 Sanitizer solution in buckets near prep line shows 0ppm of chemical, Freeze machine has build up of substance, Thermometer not present in walk in cooler (r), Mop is not properly hung.
Subway (Linton) 0 0 No Violations
Francisco de Borja 0 0 No Violations
Yoho Grocery 0 0 No Violations
Hendricksville Diner 0 1 Routine cleaning throughout facility
Pinewood Plaza 1 5 Items not property labeled and dated in prep cooler, uncovered metal container being stored in prep cooler, Ice chute on pop machine is soiled with moldy like substance, No soap at hand washing sink in pizza area, No hand drying provisions are present at hand washing sink in pizza area, No lights shields are present in pizza area.
Greene County Sheriff’s Dept 0 0 No Violations
Aggies Fun House 0 1 Keg cooler needs cleaned
China House 2 4 Dishwasher is not sanitizing properly, Date and labeling is not being conducted, Ziploc bags are being reused for raw meat storage, Women’s restroom waste is not properly covered, Routine cleaning throughout facility, Mop not properly hung
McDonald’s 0 1 Hand washing sink is leaking
Arby’s 0 0 No Violations
Grip’s Pizza 1 1 Utensils are stored improperly in ready to eat foods, Vent hoods need cleaned.
Geneva’s Pizza 0 0 No Violations
Shakamak Pharmacy 0 0 No Violations
Dollar General (Jasonville) 0 0 No Violations
Palace Bar 0 1 Drink nozzle soiled with debris.
Wendy’s 0 3 Vent hood has paint chipping away (r), Floor in walk in freezer is in poor repair, Hot water heater is leaking around ceiling.

For questions or concerns, please contact the Greene County Health Department.

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