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Linton Music Festival will return in 2015 as music series

From the Linton Community Development Corporation:

The Linton Music Festival will not be held on Labor Day Weekend at Humphreys Park this year as it has since its beginning in 2005. The Linton Community Development Corporation, the local non-profit organization that oversees production of the festival, is currently reorganizing the event to return in 2015 as an ongoing music series to offer more music-related events throughout the year.

“The support from fans, local artists, and our sponsors has been tremendous ever since the first event kicked off 9 years ago”, said Jared Albright, festival founder and director. “We feel that a change in format for LMF is necessary. We see this not as an ending to the festival we know, but a new beginning. A music series will allow us to produce more events throughout the year and provide more opportunities for the local community to be exposed to the musical arts. We also hope that more frequent events will draw visitors to Linton on a consistent basis and provide a boost to our local economy.”

Fans can visit for updates later this year or follow Linton Music Fest on Facebook and Twitter.


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