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Linton vs. Speedway – Basketball Semi-State Championship [LIVE STREAM]

[EDIT 3/22 9:21am: It seems when I was making the thumbnail graphic for this video, I forgot how to use a calendar.  March 13th is a Wednesday.  How did we all miss that?  –  Derrick]

Watch LIVE as the Miners take on the Sparkplugs of Speedway in the Boys Basketball Semi-State Championship at Richmond.Tip-off begins Saturday at 1pm for Richmond’s Tiernan Center!

The broadcast is presented by Premier Healthcare and made by possible by Linton Family Pharmacy, Welch & Cornett Funeral Home, and Lyons Health and Living Center. Commentary is provided by Keith Doades and Darren Clayton of Media Five Sports.

Volunteer Streaming Crew
Derrick Tennant – Producer
Tony Tadey – Audio
Nolan Spinney – Camera
Jared Albright – Camera

Also available for viewing at


  1. Really appreciate the live stream. We are deep in the south of USA and very excited to watch a team that is very deserving play a game that hasn’t been played in sooooooooooo long. GO MINERS!!!!!!!!

  2. This is bull crap!! It needs to be streamed if you say it’s going to be!!! Very angry!!!!!!:/

  3. ok. I’m getting really freakin tired of this crap. You send out Emails saying you are going to live stream the game, and on your home page you ask for donations to help. then when the game comes on we get……….. NOTHING!!! To top it all off, you can’t even post anything or send out an Email explaining why? I hope your volunteer streaming crew enjoyed the game that they probably got into at no cost because of being considered “Media”

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