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June 2012 Health Department Inspection Results

We’ve got a new batch of health inspections in for June. Please enjoy:

Establishment Critical Non Critical Critical Comments
Southside Express 0 0 N/A
Smokers Host 0 1 Ice machine needs cleaned
Palace Bar 0 1 Covered waste receptacle needed
CVS Bloomfield 0 1 Light shield needed
Dollar General Bloomfield 0 2 Food storage, thermometer placement
Picnic Basket 1 3 Hand soap needed at hand wash sink, pop dispenser needs cleaned, thermometer placement
Ruler Food Store 0 1 Visible gap along rear door
Greene County Inn 5 11 Routine hand washing, out of date food items, plumbing repairs needed, thermometer placement, equipment needs cleaned, hand towels are not present, floors are in poor repair, unnecessary clutter
Monical’s Pizza 3 1 Date and labeling, can opener is soiled with food debris, sanitizer is not present in wipe bucket
Country Porch Jasonville 1 16 Chemicals stored improperly, plumbing repairs needed, no soap is present at hand wash sink, hand towels are not present at hand wash sink, covered waste receptacle needed, unnecessary clutter, wiring exposed in walk in cooler, lighting in facility is not properly shielded, lighting is not sufficient in walk in cooler, ceiling in storage area is in poor repair, construction plans were not submitted for review
Shakamak Schools 0 0 N/A
Open Arms Christian Ministries 0 0 N/A
WRV-Worthington 0 1 Waste receptacle not provided at hand wash sink
WRV- Switz City 0 1 Light is not shielded in walk in cooler
WRV-Lyons 0 1 Light is not shielded in walk in cooler
Bloomfield Schools 0 0 N/A

For questions or concerns, please contact the Greene County Health Department.

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