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Miss Sparkler/Mr. Firecracker and Baby Freedom Contest

The Linton Chamber of Commerce is having their annual Miss Sparkler/Mr. Firecracker Freedom Festival contest this month, and they’ve added a new twist this year–babies!  Who doesn’t love babies?  Be sure to join them on Saturday, June 30th at 6:00pm near the band stand in Humphreys Park.  All children, ages 3-5 and babies 0-12 months can enter for the low price of $10.  The registration deadline is June 26th, so don’t forget.  Call (812) 847-4846 or visit the Linton Chamber of Commerce’s Freedom Festival website for more information and registration forms.

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  1. So children age 1yr to3 yrs are just left out in the cold? What kinda contest is that? Bunch of C###!

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