Community History

Linton City Hall – Throwback Edition

Sometimes there’s a reason that we long for things from the past. More often than not, just like Pepsi, Red Ryder’s, and Schwinn Bicycles, the old version is usually better. Hand-crafted, American-made, and non-disposable are all terms that come to mind when thinking of items built in the past.

If you’ve driven past the old City Hall building lately, you may have noticed that a few things have changed, that is, unless you were born in 1900 and they might just look the same.

Jeff Doris, owner of the building and the man behind the Linton Redevelopment Corporation, has had each window “pane”-stakingly recreated to match those that adorned the two story building over 100 years ago.

The building has received other treatments to go along with the facelift such as fresh paint on the cupola and decorative decorative dentil moulding around the edge of the roof.

The windows are the handy work of Marner Wood Products of Worthington, Indiana.

We’ll be keeping you up to date as progress is made on the downtown redevelopment project. In the meantime, enjoy this photo gallery!

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