HB 1129's Saturday Morning Special PSA

July 1st is almost here, and with it comes a new law. House Bill 1129, in tl;dr terms tells us Hoosiers that we can no longer text and drive.  [Personal Note: Who does this anyway‽]  Wireless telephones, personal digital assistants, pagers, and text messaging devices are mentioned specifically, with an exclusion for amateur radio equipment used by a licensed person and communications systems installed in commercial vehicles weighing more than five tons.

We can no longer type, transmit, nor read text messages and emails while driving unless we’re using some sort of hands-free or voice operated technology.  There’s also a stipulation that you can still use the device to call 911 to report an emergency, which is confusing because the law does not make any restrictions on phone calls to begin with.

The bill ends saying that police officers cannot confiscate your telecommunication device to see if you’ve been texting, nor can they confiscate it for evidence pending trial.

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