Birth of a bad Sauerkraut

No, that’s not really mine.  This delicious treat was made by someone who actually did it right. While my sauerkraut looks exactly like this, I somehow misjudged the salt quantity needed, putting enough in for two heads of cabbage.  Imagine the taste being something close to a salt lick.  That’s okay though, I’ll learn from my mistake and try again.

This summer I think I may try my hand at delicious Kimchi.  One thing’s for certain, fermenting food makes for some nasty, yet fully expected and safe, extras that have to be removed from the pot:

The flora and fauna from the top of the brine.  The ladybug was just a helpless bystander who flew into my trash.  The camera makes the colors look much more gross than it actually was.  It never really smelled moldy, but always had a nice sauer scent.

So who’s in line to try the next batch?

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