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Linton Music Fest '10 [Video]

The Lintonian (then The Current) had the privilege of providing a live video stream of this past year’s Linton Music Festival that was held over Labor Day weekend. After it was all over, our viewers had logged nearly 3,000 viewing hours on our Ustream channel! Here is a clip of what festival attendees witnessed at the close of the Saturday night portion of the show.

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In this clip, No More Kings (Los Angeles, CA) perform a 2-song encore featuring Sweep The Leg and Obey The Groove. The video for Sweep The Leg went viral on YouTube and received several million views. It didn’t hurt that the video included the entire cast (except for Pat Morita) of 1984’s Karate Kid.

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Cuba! (Terre Haute, Indiana) performs at the 2010 Linton Music Festival.

Philpot performs on the Linton Family Pharmacy Main Stage at the 2010 Linton Music Festival.

Mike Fonderhide and crew perform Good Old Boys by Moe Bandy on the 2nd Stage at the 2010 Linton Music Festival.

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