Protecting integrity in girls’ sports

From the Office of Jeff Ellington, State Representative:

Recently, biological males have stolen the podiums and the spotlight in women’s sports. A controversial biological male athlete at the University of Pennsylvania holds two of the country’s fastest swim records in women’s events, and continues to dominate in competition. 

The national conversation around protecting the integrity of female sports is not going away – and it shouldn’t. During the 2022 legislative session, I supported House Enrolled Act 1041 to ensure biological males don’t compete in K-12 girls’ sports.

Unfortunately, this bill was vetoed by the Governor. That’s why I plan to join my colleagues at the Statehouse to override the veto on May 24th, which is the earliest the legislature can reconvene without the Governor calling us into a special session. 

While we are all equal, biological males have physical advantages over females. It’s science and it’s common sense. Males have greater muscle mass and bone density, and larger hearts and lungs.

It’s why about 50 years ago, we federally passed Title IX to give women the right to equal opportunity in sports. Now, those rights are being threatened.

I believe it’s critical that Indiana stands with our female athletes and protects their athletic opportunities now and in the future.

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  1. too bad Mr. ellington lied to other legislatures in 2019 and Monroe County Council and Commissioners had to send joint letter to state speaker of the house to clarify their position and that Ellington lied about their support.

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