New Indiana Secretary of State Holli Sullivan excited to continue INBiz success

From the Office of Holli Sullivan, Indiana Secretary of State:

Back on March 16th, 2021, Governor Eric Holcomb named Holli Sullivan, who was a multi-term state representative from Evansville, as Indiana’s 62nd Secretary of State. Since then, Secretary Sullivan has worked closely with agency leadership and staff, defining the agency’s priorities and goals, including her plans for INBiz, the State’s online business portal.

Secretary of State Holli Sullivan

INBiz was designed to help Hoosier business owners easily register, start, and expand their businesses. Since its launch in April 2016, INBiz has surpassed significant milestones and evolved beyond its original vision.

As state governments declared public health emergencies and businesses were shutting their doors, Hoosier business owners were able to combat job loss, navigate the unemployment process, seek entrepreneurial guidance and ultimately maintain momentum on the path back to normalcy, thanks in large part to INBiz.

Sullivan’s top priority for INBiz will be to continue its great success and increase the number of active business users and annual business registrations. She also hopes to continue to work closely with the Department of Workforce Development and Department of Revenue to optimize all business and state government interactions.

At the top of Sullivan’s priorities also lies election integrity, security and voter confidence. For Sullivan, it is important that Hoosiers are confident that every vote they cast – in local, statewide and nation election – will be counted and counted accurately.

Sullivan is working closely with agency leadership and staff, defining the agency’s priorities while emphasizing engagement with local election officials. She will split time between Evansville and her office in the Indiana Statehouse in Indianapolis, and she looks forward to collaborating with business owners throughout the state, with particular focus on women-owned businesses and supplier diversity.

All photos courtesy of the Office of the Indiana Secretary of State

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