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UPDATED: Produce truck and school bus collide prior to free food distribution


Volunteer workers said another semi was en route, and the produce would arrive in about 90 minutes. Meanwhile, they distributed the Prairie Farm dairy products to the hundreds of people in a line around Humphreys Park. The box they were distributing included: two gallons of white milk, 1/2 gallon chocolate milk, sour cream, french dip, cottage cheese, and a block of baby Swiss cheese.


Would you expect anything less from 2020?

Tragedy struck the anticipated free food distribution this evening. In an online message, Mike Toon explained:

Our produce delivery truck was hit by a school bus en route this afternoon! We have not heard of any injuries, except to the semi-tractor pulling the trailer! Unfortunately, we will not be able to distribute produce.

Tonight’s distribution will still happen, though! It will be a great box of mixed dairy products! Please pick some up at either Linton or Eastern-Greene! We’ll let you know when the produce might be available!

Stay tuned for photos and updates from the event officially starting in about 20 minutes.

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