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Greene County General Hospital Joins Nation’s Largest Health Information Exchange

First Indiana hospital using CPSI systems to join the Exchange

Indianapolis, Indiana (August 2, 2012) — Greene County General Hospital, based in Linton is now connected to the Indiana Health Information Exchange (IHIE), a network of more than 20,000 physicians and 90 hospitals throughout Indiana. Greene County General Hospital connects to IHIE through the Indiana Network for Patient Care™ (INPC) which is comprised of hospitals, long term care facilities and other healthcare providers throughout the state and allows physicians to securely access necessary information to make decisions critical to patient care.

The INPC is the nation’s most advanced health information exchange technology platform connecting disparate healthcare information technology systems. The INPC handles approximately three million secure transactions of data daily, including, laboratory test results, medication and treatment histories, and other clinically relevant information in a standardized, electronic format. This benefits patients by enabling their doctors to choose optimal therapies and avoid drug-drug interactions, among other life-saving and efficiency-generating efforts. The Regenstrief Institute, an internationally-recognized medical informatics and research organization, developed and launched the INPC in 1995. In partnership with Regenstrief, the INPC is one of IHIE’s core service offerings.

“The INPC is an important component to patient care at Greene County General Hospital,” said Chief Nursing Officer Lea Ann Camp. “Our participation in this network allows us to work together with other network participants so we can help get an overall picture of patients’ health and make decisions critical to their specific healthcare needs.”

Employees who helped make this possible for Greene County General Hospital include: Camp; Mike Crane, Pharmacy; Melissa Toon, Pharmacy; Steve Phillips, Information Technology; Cathy Hadley, Medical Records; Julie Collins, Inservice Education; Amy Miller, Quality Assurance/Performance Improvement; Martina Steele-Swaby, Radiology; Teresa Chambers, Laboratory; Stan Harbaugh, Respiratory Therapy; and Sara Lee Bledsoe, Business Office.

“As a critical access hospital, Greene County General Hospital serves a diverse rural community. By connecting to the INPC, they will have access to patient information when and where it is needed most,” said Jane Niederberger, Vice President of Client Services for IHIE. “We are pleased to have Greene County General as a part of the Indiana Health Information Exchange and congratulate them for their hard work and commitment to improving health outcomes for their patients.”

In 1999, Greene County General installed the CPSI Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system and is the first hospital in the state of Indiana using this system to connect to the INPC.

“CPSI is proud to provide Greene County General Hospital the EMR system to integrate both their internal operations and their exchange with the Indiana community. Healthcare today requires clinicians extend their consultations beyond the walls of the hospital to provide a total diagnostic solution to all patients,” said Kristan DeGraeve, Director of Interface Development, Product Development Services for CPSI. “Participation in the INPC establishes Greene County General’s intent to remain ahead of the curve in delivering reliable and efficient results for diagnosis and treatment. We are pleased to be a partner in this endeavor and congratulate Greene County General on their commitment to higher standards in healthcare.”

About Greene County General Hospital

Greene County General Hospital is a 25 bed critical access hospital, treating more than 9,500 patients in the emergency department annually. Greene County General Hospital has been serving patients in Greene County, as well as surrounding counties, since 1912. Greene County General Hospital offers a variety of services including: emergency medicine, intensive critical care, infusion, lab, medical/surgical, obstetrics, inpatient and outpatient surgery, pharmacy, physical therapy, radiology, respiratory therapy, and speech therapy. Greene County General Hospital also offers an outpatient specialty clinic, which brings specialists from across the state for consultations and testing. This allows patients to see some of the best specialists in the state close to home. Services offered at the outpatient specialty clinic include: cardiology, surgery, oncology/hematology, neurology, pulmonary, and orthopedics.

The mission of Greene County General Hospital is to provide access to quality and cost efficient health care and to promote healthy lifestyles to the people in the hospital’s service area.

About Indiana Health Information Exchange, Inc.

Indiana Health Information Exchange, Inc. (IHIE) is a non-profit corporation formed in 2004 by the Regenstrief Institute, private hospitals, local and state health departments, BioCrossroads and other prominent organizations in Indiana. IHIE is the nation’s largest health information exchange organization, delivering clinical information to providers securely and efficiently, along with providing information to assist providers as they care for patients needing preventive care and management of chronic diseases. An IHIE-led collaboration (Central Indiana Beacon Community) is one of 17 national cooperatives to help advance healthcare quality and efficiency. This collaboration will help communities in Indiana identify opportunities to measurably improve patient care. The IHIE network includes facilities throughout the state, from Evansville, Ind. to Crown Point, Ind. (

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About Regenstrief Institute, Inc.

The Regenstrief Institute, Inc., an internationally recognized informatics and healthcare research organization, is dedicated to the improvement of health through research that enhances the quality and cost-effectiveness of health care. Established in Indianapolis by philanthropist Sam Regenstrief in 1969 on the campus of the Indiana University School of Medicine, the Institute is supported by the Regenstrief Foundation and closely affiliated with the I.U. School of Medicine and the Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County, Indiana. Regenstrief Institute research scientists form a highly respected cadre of health services researchers linked to one of the largest and most comprehensive medical informatics laboratories in the world. .

About CPSI

CPSI is a leading provider of healthcare information solutions for community hospitals with more than 650 client hospitals in 45 states and the District of Columbia. Founded in 1979, the Company is a single-source vendor providing comprehensive software and hardware products, complemented by complete installation services and extensive support. Its fully integrated, enterprise-wide system automates clinical and financial data management in each of the primary functional areas of a hospital. CPSI’s staff of over 1,000 technical, healthcare, and medical professionals provide system implementation and continuing support services as part of a comprehensive program designed to respond to clients’ information needs in a constantly changing healthcare environment. For more information, visit

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