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Downtown Linton snuffs out flame at local BBQ joint

The smoke will no longer be rolling through the streets of Downtown Linton. According to a statement on their Official Facebook page, Legends Smokehouse will soon be closing its doors.

The restaurant, located at 12 North Main Street in Linton, opened its doors in August of this year and provided a new, finger lickin’ alternative to local foodies in their slow-smoked barbecue and homemade sauces.

A wall post from owners, Odus and Ronda Ball, claims that they have been “struggling to make it over the past few months.”

We are saddened to see another promising establishment disappear. Linton has already lost three other eateries (The Double Dog, 2010, American Pie Pizzeria, 2011 and Trish’s, 2011) within the past few years. Here’s hoping that another brave soul will find success in the Linton dining scene.

Read a statement from Odus and Ronda Ball after the jump.

A statement from owners of Legends Smokehouse:

“Legends Smoke House (Odus and Ronda) would like to thank all of our Patrons for your business. After giving much thought to this situation, we have decided to Close down. We have been struggling to make it the last couple of months. Times are tough, and we have felt it. We really want to express our sorrow to the customers that have been loyal, it saddens us both.”

There is a silver lining in the dissipating smoke cloud hanging over Vincennes Street, however, as The Daily Dish has recently opened in the former Daisy Cigar Store at 40 East Vincennes Street. We’ll be bringing you more about their “re-opening” next week.

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