ReBlog: Watching parades with kids

I stumbled across a very timely blog post today from the Parent Hacks blog.  The Linton Freedom Festival Parade is only a few days away, so it might be a good idea to start thinking about how to juggle young children and the parade.

Parades and kids are a natural combo, right? Sure, but in practice, it can be more complicated. Possible trouble spots: the noise, the crowds, the hawkers of sugary treats and expensive-but-cheap toys…and the many long minutes spent waiting for the parade to begin.

Tracy observed a good solution for passing the time while waiting:

Not so much a hack as an ‘aha’ moment. Was at a local parade over the weekend; saw a family with a bunch of kids waiting for the parade to start, and the parents pulled out chalk!  What a great way to keep the kids occupied before the start of the parade!

…which got me to thinking about parades-with-kids prep in general. A little strategic planning makes everything go more smoothly — including a sudden exit if necessary.

Read the rest at Parent Hacks…

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