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King McQueen [VIDEO]

Yesterday was the start of Linton’s annual Freedom Festival, and to kick it off several bands performed at Humphreys Park.  The first act was a relatively new band called King McQueen, composed of Heather Dawn Smith with vocals, Dickie Phillips with lead guitar, Ed Sharkus with bass, and Brian Rumple on drums. The band bio, as on their Facebook page, reads:

Formed in the spring of 2010, King McQueen brought together musicians who had grown tired of playing and hearing the same songs. With the intention of mixing powerful originals and exciting covers that most bands were unwilling to touch, the group originally performed under the name Litter. Relying on vocal harmony and solid musicianship, the band quickly gained the attention of the local music scene.

2011 brought a line-up and name change which included the addition of Ms. Heather Smith and the name King McQueen. The band is constantly adding to its already impressive music library, reworking originals, writing exciting new songs, and stretching into even broader musical territory.

King McQueen is lined up to play at the 2011 Linton Music Fest, so if you can’t catch them beforehand, you have a few months to make arrangements to see these amazing artists.

I was able to shoot some video of the band’s performance, but I do apologize for some of the shakier bits.  My tripod is not only lost, but last time I used it, damaged horribly.  Please enjoy:

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  1. great job heather and the rest of the band. i really enjoyrd it! love ya mom

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